Our team of automotive experts at Genesis of Roswell are standing by to provide you with helpful information. When you purchase a vehicle, you'll probably have the option to choose a powertrain warranty or a bumper-to-bumper warranty. Read on to find out how these two warranties differ.

A powertrain warranty provides coverage for the vehicle's propulsion system, which includes the engine, differential, transmission, and other components. Some powertrain warranties also cover the vehicle's constant velocity joints and driveshaft. However, powertrain warranties do not cover wear equipment, such as the battery, clutch, and certain fluids.

Bumper-to-bumper warranties cover more equipment than powertrain warranties. With bumper-to-bumper warranties, the vehicle's electronics, air-conditioning system, and many components of the suspension system are covered. However, glass, interior trim, seating upholstery, and other equipment subject to wear are usually excluded from bumper-to-bumper warranties. Although bumper-to-bumper warranties offer more coverage than powertrain warranties, bumper-to-bumper warranties typically have a shorter duration than powertrain warranties.

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