Being met with a "click-click-click" or mere silence after attempting to start your vehicle could mean that your battery has gone bad. Here is how to know for sure.

If you suspect that your battery has lost its power, examine it for corrosion. If your terminals are covered in gunk, clean them off with white vinegar or a concoction of water and baking soda. A multimeter can also be used to gauge the strength of your battery. Start by setting your voltmeter to the lowest setting that is above 15. Then, connect the black probe to the negative terminal, and attach the red probe to the positive one. Compare the results to the voltage amount that is expected from your battery.

A headlight test is an effective method as well. With your ignition turned off, leave your headlights on for 15 minutes. If your lights dim when you turn your car back on, your battery is weak.


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