As you're navigating the streets of Roswell, GA, is safety an important concern? We think so — which is why we've added the Genesis G90 to our lineup. Packed with intelligent safety features, this new luxury midsize sedan can help you drive with confidence.

Sometimes, it's hard to predict what pedestrians or other drivers will do next. That's why the G90 is always on alert. Its sensors are always watching the road; if a person, object, or car is slow or stopped in front of you, the car can brake automatically for safety.

When you're on the road, rely on the Driver Attention Alerts to keep you engaged. Whether you're tired or dealing with distractions, this system helps you stay aware. It can even let you know when it's time to stop and take a break. See how the alerts work by visiting us at Genesis of Roswell to test drive the Genesis G90.

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